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foto 3d 2dOur ongoing research and our passion for our work has led us to undertake the development of three-dimensional drawings within Electric Traction (E.T.) design-work. Used initially for the study of special detailed or fabricated items made "ad hoc", currently we are producing, at the same time as the development of the new 540 mm2 standard, a totally 3D E.T. design.

The use of three-dimensional graphics makes it possible to achieve much greater precision in both the manufacturing and the construction phases.

Having a better depiction of the graphical layout of a project enables a better analysis of the details and of the problems, and furthermore, during the construction phase, gives on-site workers the possibility of having at their disposal clearer and more easily useable drawings.

All these steps translate in real terms into a dramatic reduction of times and consequently of costs.

3d2d_tn_1 (4K) 3d2d_tn_2 (4K) 3d2d_tn_3 (5K) 3d2d_tn_4 (5K) 3d2d_tn_5 (1K) 3d2d_tn_6 (1K)