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SATFERR S.r.l. came into being in 1997 as a result of a brainwave by its founder, Giuseppe Porreca. With the benefit of almost forty years' experience in the field, he decided to build on the knowledge acquired over the years but in a new guise, by offering a complete, in-depth and tailored design service.

Over time the experience accrued and the enthusiasm of a young and willing staff has enabled Satferr srl to grow and to develop its structure. Beginning life as an electric railway design studio, today Satferr is a railway engineering studio, capable of offering a total consultancy service in the field of RAILWAY TECHNOLOGY.

The hallmarks of our services are precision, attention to detail, thorough analysis of all the variables and the development of "ad hoc" solutions. Nothing is ever left to chance or taken for granted. SATFERR is capable of carrying out design-work for all types of railway technology from the execution to the construction phase right down to the detailed drawings for the production and installation of the equipment, with the advantage to the client of having a Single, Qualified and Competent point of contact.

foto home page Our strengths are our Precision, Skill and Determination always to give a Top Quality service. For these reasons Satferr srl has always sought to distinguish itself from its competitors in the sector, first of all by obtaining certification under the CSQ IMQ UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 system and then updating itself with the more recent CSQ ISO 9001:2008 Quality System.

Satferr is a guarantee of quality and innovation.

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