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topografia_page_01 (28K)In order to guarantee the Quality and the precision of our services, over the course of the years we have invested a great deal of our resources into the area of topography.

In fact for us, "doing" a project has always implied the use of special topographical tools (the use of Total Station for the surveying/pegging out of stations or sections of track) but from the perspective of a continuous evolution of the standards of quality and a reduction in surveying/pegging out times, we decided to add to our technology those that make use of GPS topographical tools too.

The combination of these items of equipment combined with qualified, trained and experienced personnel, enables us to operate in any location, in all kinds of climatic conditions and always with the highest level of precision.

Although Total Station enables us to carry out surveys with high precision, its disadvantage is that it involves long timescales especially if the processes involve long sections of track. GPS instruments instead, enable us to carry out measurements that are just as precise but over very long distances and in significantly less time.

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