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The knowledge acquired by the founder, Giuseppe Porreca, and the collaboration pursued over many years with the leading players in the sector, have made it possible to achieve a high degree of specialisation and consequently an in-depth understanding of everything connected with Electric Traction (Slow, High Speed, High Capacity and Metropolitan Lines). This understanding also prompted us to create an in-house "Innovations Arm" that has now yielded a hugely satisfying product, "OMNIA", a new suspension system that, while respecting the Italian Railway Tradition, both from a philosophical and an operational point of view, has the distinction of being suitable for use under any conditions and on any type of line or catenary system.

We like to refer to our design-work as a "turn-key" service, because we involve our design activity in an intensive collaboration both with the technical offices and directly with the work-sites, providing assistance and consultancy. Over the years we have come to understand that the closer the integration between the designers and the constructors, the better are the final results and the speed of execution. Always being on-hand, always being available for the resolution of well-known or unforeseen problems ensures that we distance ourselves from a now outdated way of designing that is a world away from our mentality.

As well as designing, giving assistance to the work-site and developing new technological solutions, Satferr offers a complete consultancy service, carries out structural calculations and detailed studies and performs design work using three-dimensional CAD.

On the basis of our skills and our designers, Satferr also carries out training for Work-site Directors, Site Foremen and Maintenance Personnel in connection with High Speed Systems and the new OMNIA 540 Standard.

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